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    PVC covers and tarpaulins for different use


    Invest in a shelter, that really protects! Hansahall offers PVC canvas that can withstand strong environments and burden of pressure. Find the right solution for the construction, pool cover, shelters, etc

    JP Presenning are always fully certified and hemmed on all sides, which together with our unique JP-strapped solution makes it very resistant tarpaulin. It is also the most economical solution when you need constant protection for their products. JP Presenning withstand the wind as well as a variety of other meteorological phenomena. This will help you to get the benefits of this technology over many years.


    Characteristics for our tarpaulins:

    • They are equipped with JP-straps
    • The canvas is made of non-flammable material according to the Eurocode EN13501-1, which gives the user greater safety in case of accident.
    • They are coated on both sides, which makes it dirt-repellent tarpaulin

    PVC Present  PVC Present  Present