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    In addition, we offer our range of PVC and PE Presentidele presente

    If you need a quick and short-coating process, a PE tarpaulins One possible alternative to consider. It is lightweight, very easy to use and affordable, and / polyethylen fabric folded tarpaulin and high quality.

    • hems fabric
    • Reinforced SELVEDGES
    • confirmations
    • Eyelets

    Our presentidele characteristics:

    • They are equipped with the LP-straps and reinforced edged hemmed
    • The fabric is made of non-flammable material according to the Eurocode EN13501-1, which gives the user greater safety in case of accident.
    • These are coated on both sides, which makes it a tarpaulin mustusthülgavaks

    PE present  PE present2  PE present3