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    Protect your vehicles, trailers, trailers and accessories external influences and present your brand in a stylish way

    All companies have their own specific needs and requirements for tents. But one thing they have in common is that they hoped for protection from rain, sun, wind, weather, etc. for the Hansa hall offered by tente produced from 1963 onwards. These are welded (welded) and JP682L quality mark, first class, and the PVC-coated polyester of the mildew. Present reinforcements supplied with the necessary accessories such as belts, straps and hooks. These shaped longitudinal directions according to the customer's wishes. Our tent will allow you to better cope with driving on the roads and ensure the safety of your products. Our tents are due to the exact dimensions of the most suitable. JP682L (680 g / m 2) quality, first grade PVC coated tarpaulin, dimensionally stable polyester. They are equipped with reinforcements and they must be used together with the necessary tarviktuega, such as belts, straps and hooks.

    tent haagise tent treileri tent