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    JP Strapped tarpaulin fasteners are a unique solution, available only from us

    What is the belt? We have seen the negative impact of the lab, which occurs when the night breaks reinforced fabric. If moisture penetrates into the fabric, it weakens it and makes it ultimately mädaks. The consequences are well known to all users of the tarpaulin; confirmed that the ropes may be used, and the loops become loose, the fabric tears and cracks occur, for example, in strong winds. We have patented an ingenious solution for securing ropes, JP Strapped!

    JP Strapp technology tarpaulin attached on both sides, at the same time without damaging it. Used belts are up to four times greater than the payload of eyelets. Technology used for the belts durability is well established and documented for our tests, both in the laboratory and in the real world, such as construction sites, on ships at sea, etc.

    We have experimented with belts and found that it's absolutely the best! The straps are four times more payload than the eyelets.

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