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    Lyftsegeli lifting device moves up to 3000 kg difficulties loads quickly and easily

    During construction, you must frequently lift heavy loads, and the efficiency must not be damaged while safety. You can raise almost all of our materials are practical and safe for a new kind of device heisatava sailing equipment. This is significantly different in several important points compared to the other devices on the market.

    Currently, the device can be lifted only Lyftsegel snow or materials in the Scandinavian and Baltic construction sites. Our new device will be able to raise as snow, soil, sand, gravel than other insulation materials, weighing up to 3,000 kg. Sharp-edged objects can not be raised.

    Lifting Straps to hold

    Lyftsegel offers approved lifting straps that meet the European standard EN 1492-1, which is valid for lifting devices. Other cranes or lumetõstukid welded plasttrosse fabric edges. These structures usually meet the increasing requirement of seven risk factor, while each raising rope rubs against the fabric so. We have solved this problem by special weldable lifting straps lifting straps so that protect against scratches and dirt when tõstepurjele give long life. The fabrics used are carefully selected to meet all of our requirements in this lifetime, wear resistance, tensile strength and tear. Our tõstepurjed work great for use as tarpaulins.

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